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The Ribbon Views – First Look – Microsoft Office Project 2010 Technical Preview (Graphical)

Posted on September 16, 2009 by - 1,171 views

The first you notice when launching Project 2010 is that it looks a little different. Now the Gantt view is essentially the same, but the Tool Bar is now replaced with the Ribbon.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

Can I get the old Tool Bar back?

The answer is No.


But after reviewing Project 2010 (and reading the rest of this blog), it will not take long for you to know where everything is located and it’ll be 2nd nature by the time the public beta will be available (in 4th Quarter-2009)


Task Tab




Resource Tab



Project Tab






View Tab




Format Tab

Now the interesting things about the Format tab is that it’s dynamic and displays different options depending on the view that is displayed. Since there are 13 default views that potentially can display 13 different dynamic Format tabs. So what I’ll do is post a separate blog entry for Format tabs.



Now You’re Done!!


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