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Insight on New Microsoft Project 2010 Certification Exams

Posted on October 22, 2009 by - 1,351 views

With all the excitement from the sessions at the Project Conference last month and the SharePoint Conference this week and working with the Technical Preview software, I was gently reminded by my friend Christine, if I heard anything about the Project 2010 Certification Exam(s).

DOH!  It totally slipped my mind.

So I send out a couple emails to some old friends that work at Microsoft Learning (MSL) to inquire about the exams, AND….

Good News!

There will be two exams offered on the new product

1. There will be a Configuring Project Server 2010 exam (not official title) that involves the design, configuration of project server, and other traditional ITPro types of tasks. The format will be traditional multiple choice questions,

2.  There will be a Managing Projects using Microsoft Project 2010 exam (not official title) that focuses on the client side. However they attempting to secure the Exam Vendor to create a Live Application Exam.

Now you might be asking yourself…
What is a Live Application Exam?

It’s an exam where they give you tasks that you have to perform within the application. In this case Microsoft Project. “This is potentially mixed with traditional multiple choice questions, if appropriate.”

Those of you that might have taken an Office 2003 or 2007 Application exam (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint) might already be familiar with this exam format type. As my contact at MSL describes it…

“For example, they might have you type a paragraph with bullets and bolding in Word. You then launch Word and create the document and you’re scored on whether you performed the task properly or not.”

Here is an old article that describes the exam development:

Please remember that this is strictly in the preliminary planning stages and is obviously subject to change.

Now personally, I think its a great idea of having a Live App Exam, it will definitely separate the test takers from the actual users of the product.


What about you?
What do you think?

Make your comments known below and I’ll forward the URL to the Exam Planner so that he/she can read your feedback

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