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How to fix workspace error when creating a Project Workspace site based on a Custom Workspace Template

Posted on October 13, 2009 by - 5,039 views

Do you get the following errors when you attempt to provision a new project workspace site based on a custom workspace template that you saved from a workspace site from a live project?

Event Viewer

Event Type:    Error
Event Source:    Office SharePoint Server
Event Category:    Project Server Sharepoint Integration
Event ID:    7872
Date:        10/13/2009
Time:        12:16:08 PM
User:        N/A
Computer:    PS07
Standard Information:PSI Entry Point: WssInterop.CreateWssSite
Project User: TRIMAGNA\Administrator
Correlation Id: d91d28e7-ceda-4213-87f7-1f233a481a5a
PWA Site URL: http://epm/PWA
SSP Name: SSP Admin Web Site
PSError: WSSWebAlreadyExists (16402)
The site d6c68d53-427a-4e39-bad0-dbcbfd0f9746 already exists.Change the name of the site you are trying to create, or select a different site collection.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at


Project Queue Error:

Project Queue

Error summary/areas:
Web is already linked to another project
Error details:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
    <class name="Web is already linked to another project">
      <error id="16406" name="WSSSpWebAlreadyLinkedToProject" uid="4279cf22-cd27-4dff-b70e-99359450ccf5" projectUid="d6c68d53-427a-4e39-bad0-dbcbfd0f9746" wssFullUrl="http://epm/PWA/Test Project" />
    <class name="Queue">
      <error id="26000" name="GeneralQueueJobFailed" uid="95c6748f-6a62-4d8b-8311-67e17429173d" JobUID="b8b30241-1d20-4c7b-82ec-cfb5e7588aa8" ComputerName="PS07" GroupType="CreateWssSite" MessageType="CreateWssSiteMessage" MessageId="1" Stage="" />

Project Queue Error Message


Then chances are you created your customized project workspace template based on a live project that has provisioned the project workspace. This is a problem because when you go to provision a new site it’s already linked to the original project workspace site. (just like the error message says smile_wink )


So how do you fix the problem?

There are a couple of ways you can fix this

1. Delete the project and corresponding workspace site that was created when you saved the template. This is done in PWA Server Settings –> Delete Enterprise Objects.  However, this may not be an option if it is an actual project and workspace site that is being used.


2.  Create a new temporary site at PWA home page –> Site Actions –> Site Settings –> Sites and workspaces and use the previously registered custom template as the basis for the new template.

New SharePoint Site

Make any additional changes you want to the site

Then click Site Actions –> Site Settings –> Save site as template and complete settings.

Then save the new custom template at PWA home page –> Site Actions –> Site Settings –> Site Templates (click on template name to save locally)

Next you will need to remove the old custom template from the Global Template Gallery using STSADM.exe –o deletetemplate command.

Once that is done, then you can use the STSADM.exe –o addtemplate command to save the new custom template into the Global Template Gallery.

Then make sure to verify that the correct template is selected in PWA home page –> Server Settings –> Project Workspace Provisioning Settings

Then you can delete the temporary Template site at  PWA home page –> Site Actions –> Site Settings –> Site and Workspaces

Then you should be good to go!

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