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How to Backup and Restore Enterprise Calendars in Project Server 2007 (Graphical Step-By-Step)

Posted on September 10, 2009 by - 1,792 views

So I’m working on an EPM project in a virtualized Dev environment. Creating custom fields, defining security groups, etc., etc. and also creating some enterprise calendars for specific countries (US, Canada, England and Australia) that included their national/regional holidays. Took a fair bit of time getting it right (especially with the Aussie calendars)



So now I’m geared up and ready to use the Project Server Resource Kit Playbooks application:
You can download it here:

Except for one small little thing…
There isn’t a setting for Enterprise Calendars




Now remember that Enterprise Calendars are now initiated through Project Web Access (PWA) in the Server Settings page, under Enterprise Data section that launches Project Professional 2007. So backing up the Enterprise Global won’t work.

So what’s an EPM Consultant / Trainer to do???


Step 1 – Save an Empty Project Plan

1. Launch Project Professional 2007 and logon to Project Server.

2. From the File menu, click Save.

3. In the Save to Project Server dialog box, click Save as File.



4. In the Save As File dialog box, select All enterprise custom fields and global items (larger file size) and click OK.


5. In the Save As dialog box, in the File name box, type Enterprise_Calendars, and click Save.

6. Close Project Professional 2007.


Step 2 – Review Enterprise Calendars on the New Project Server

7. Open Internet Explorer and launch PWA to the new Project Server

8. From the Quick Launch menu, click Server Settings.

9. On the Server Settings page, under Enterprise Data section, click Enterprise Calendars.

10. On the Enterprise Calendars page, only the Standard calendar is listed (by default)


11. Minimize the Internet Explorer window.


Step 3 – Add Calendar to Enterprise

12. Launch Project Professional 2007 and logon to the new Project Server.

13. From the File menu, click Open.

14. From the Open dialog box, navigate to the location where you saved Enterprise_Calendars.mpp and click Open.

15. From the Tools menu, click Change Working Time.


16. In the Change Working Time dialog box, in the For calendar list, select one of your saved enterprise calendars. This will make the Add Calendar to Enterprise button available.

17. Click Add Calendar to Enterprise.


18. In the Add to enterprise dialog box, accept the default name and click OK.
     (If you wanted to rename the calendar from the old Project Server, this would be a good time to do this)


19. Repeat Steps 16-18 for the other calendars you wanted to add to the enterprise. When complete click Cancel

20. Close Project Professional 2007.


Step 4 – Review New Enterprise Calendars on New Project Server





21. Maximize Internet Explorer window

22. Refresh (F5) the Enterprise Calendars page.

23. The new enterprise calendars should now be listed



Now you’re done!

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