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Fix to Dell Laptop Excessive Throttling and Performance Problems

Posted on December 03, 2009 by - 2,195 views

A good friend of mine, (Paul Adare) had a major performance problem with his Latitude E6500.
So Paul asked me if I would re-post the following post to the MCT Newsgroups. I said no worries

Now Paul is not much of a blogger, but replies to a lot of questions on the Microsoft Public Newsgroups as he’s an MVP for Identity Lifecycle Manager. So I asked if he wouldn’t mind that I blog his post. He replied, Absolutely!

So here it:

Subject: Having Performance Problems with a Dell Laptop?

I have an E6500 which I otherwise love, but I’ve been hit with this problem and it has been very frustrating to say the least.
In a nutshell, if you’ve got one of these Dell laptops:

  • Latitude E4200
  • Latitude E4300
  • Latitude E5400
  • Latitude E5500
  • Latitude E6400
  • Latitude E6500
  • Latitude E6400 ATG
  • Latitude E6400 XFR
  • Dell Precision M2400
  • Dell Precision M4400
  • Dell Precision M6400

You’re likely going to hit the same problem with is excessive throttling at operating temperatures that are far below the rated specs for the hardware involved. I most frequently run into this problem when running a video (as reported by most users in the Dell forum).

Dell finally officially acknowledged this issue yesterday (well, they tried to explain it away) and have posted new BIOS versions that are supposed to mitigate the problem. I tried A18 on my e6500 and while it does take a little longer for the problem to appear, it still is a problem. Here’s Dell’s blog post on the issue:

Here’s a long thread on the issue from the Dell forums with the solution that worked for me on page 9 from a forum member named ankaro:

Just an FYI for those who may be hitting this issue. If you have any questions about implementing the solution, post them to the Dell forum and ankaro may be able to help you out. I’m not an expert in using the RightMark tool, I’ve just managed to find settings that work for me.


Many thanks for the tip Paul !!

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