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Interviewed on RunAs Radio (Show# 149)

Posted on February 24, 2010 by

About a month ago I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes from RunAs Radio to talk about Microsoft Project 2010 desktop and Microsoft Project Server 2010. Nothing really deep (it’s at 200 level) but some very good questions from a non-Project Manager’s perspective.


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A New Way to Look at Facebook

Posted on February 10, 2010 by

If you’re like me and sick and tired of the “so-called” upgrades to the Facebook web interface.
Why not try something new?

The good folks at Microsoft has just launched a new Silverlight 4 client application for Facebook.

Typically the installation is a 4 step process

  1. When you click on the link, the website checks if you have the Developer Preview Edition of Silverlight 4. If you don’t have the software, then it will ask you to install it. If you already have it, then you can install the client software (Step 3)
  2. Once Silverlight 4 has finished installing, you will need to restart the computer
  3. Then go back to the website to install the Facebook Client software.
  4. Then type your email address and password used to log in to Facebook

Then you’re done!

Here’s a few sample screenshots of the Facebook Client in action:

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Beware of Facebook Trojan Horse

Posted on February 08, 2010 by

Well guess what popped up in my email inbox this evening??
Another Facebook Service email with another attachment  Sad smile

Now normally I would just delete the email…
But I figured with all the new changes that Facebook did to their website someone just might open and run the attachment. So I figured this would be another learning opportunity for my non-geek friends

So here’s the email:

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