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PS 2010 – Free server license for SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition??

Posted on January 26, 2010 by

Now you might be thinking to yourself. “Oh great! another SPAMMER”.
But believe it or not it’s true (with a few caveats)…


As with any questions regarding to specific licensing scenario(s) that you may have, you should always consult a Microsoft License Specialist directly:

As you already know, Project Server 2003/2007 requires Windows SharePoint Services (v.2 or v.3) to be installed prior to installing Project Server 2003/2007. In fact, if WSS is not already installed on the server, Project Server 2003/2007 will install it as part of its software installation. Very nice feature.

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Server Manager PowerShell Cmdlets Table

Posted on January 18, 2010 by

In my research for my upcoming Deploying and Managing Microsoft Project Server 2010 course, I was searching for a list of Server Manager PowerShell cmdlets. More specifically for installing the Web Server role through the use of PowerShell. I came across a few interesting blogs that were specifically to installing the server roles in the pre-installation of Microsoft Exchange 2010 (which I already use in my course setup guide).

But I found an interesting TechNet article on the ServerManagerCmd.exe command-line tool that asked the reader to search the Windows Server 2008 R2 help file on Server Manager for additional information. So off I go to the help file and after doing a key-word search, there is was. I was very surprised that this table wasn’t listed on TechNet, so here it is…

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